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Beaver Colony Activity Scavenger Hunt

Neighbors in the Hampton Heights community shared a fun way to get kids outside & active (while social distancing, of course). Residents in East Berlin’s Beaver Colony neighborhood are picking up that idea & running with it!

The Beaver Colony Activity Scavenger Hunt will take place Monday, March 30

Neighbors in the Beaver Colony community are encouraged to participate in the activity scavenger hunt on Monday, March 30, by posting an activity on their mailboxes for kids to do while walking around the neighborhood. Activities can include exercises like “5 jumping jacks,” “the chicken dance,” “10 mountain climbers,” “5 squats,” or something similar for kids to complete on the sidewalk when they arrive at your mailbox. After they complete the activity posted at your mailbox, they’ll continue on their walk until they find the next posted activity.

Please post your activity on your mailbox in the morning on Monday, March 30. Watch this video from the Hampton Heights Scavenger Hunt for activity ideas!

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