Lower Bermudian Lutheran Church

Lower Bermudian Lutheran Church

Lower Bermudian Lutheran Church is the oldest Lutheran church in Adams County. The history of the church dates back to 1745, when it was established by a group of German-speaking people of the Lutheran & German Reformed Churches.

The congregation met in homes until 1745, when one of the Reformed congregants offered two acres of land for a union church to be built. The first church was a log cabin, known as “Longgreens.” On March 2, 1795, formal plans were made for a new building, which was to be made of stone & lime. The work was done by Valentine Fickes. This union church was sometimes unofficially referred to as “Zion’s.” Repairs & renovations were made in 1820. In 1871, the Reformed congregation sold its interest in the property to the Lutherans, and a cornerstone was laid at a new brick building known as Mt. Olivet on the opposite side of the road.

Just 8 years later in 1879, the Lutherans razed their old building & erected a new brick building, which is used for worship today. In 1950, significant improvements were made to the sanctuary & basement, and heating system.

Historic details & photo in this post are from “The Wheels of Time II,” by the East Berlin Founder’s Day Committee (2014).

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